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1 in 3 guitar teachers in Plymouth have had lessons with Mike?

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About me

I am happy to help!

I have over 14 years teaching experience working with both adults and children from complete beginners to grade 8 students and beyond.

I have guitar students all over the world, some are in recognised bands, others are grade examiners, guitar teachers, and some are professional musicians who want to brush up on their technique and writing skills!

If you would like to learn the guitar in an enjoyable environment and become the musician you always wanted to be please contact me, I am happy to help!

01752 229388

07429 169144

One on One

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"Mike is by far the best guitar player I know personally. His lessons are very relaxed, and fun of course!"

Darryl Syms - Local Guitar Teacher

"Well established Plymouth based guitar tutor. Extremely competent and experienced!"

Hartnolls Guitar Centre

In my opinion, to be extremely successful in this business or any other business, you first of all have to have these qualities;


People skills

The ability to deliver when you say you will deliver.

I know a lot of musicians and as much as I love them dearly, I'm sorry to say that they don't have all three. Some just have one...talent.

Michael Baugh has all three and a few more besides. 

He's asked me to write a testimonial for him. He doesn't need one!

Jan Cyrka

Highly respected, world-renowned Guitarist and Music Producer

"He really knows what he is talking about and he really is the number one guitar tutor in Plymouth."

Miles Satterly

"Mike is the best kept secret in the Southwest! The quality of his work is truly exceptional! "

Gary Moyle

"In five lessons, Mike has taught me more than

I would have believed was possible for a total novice to achieve. "

Carlton Bennett

"It would appear that Mike can teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks Mike"

John Naismith

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