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Mike is not just an amazing guitarist, he is an incredibly good teacher breaking things down in pieces you can handle and then stringing it all together with you. Above all however I think he's really inspiring, every lesson I've had has just made me want to play my guitar more often! I can really recommend him to anyone!

Valentine Verrijken

First of all, Mike is absolutely incredible, as a guitar teacher and a player. I can honestly say I wouldn't be the player I am if it wasn't for him. He's an absolute expert, he caters his teaching approach based on the individual to bring the best out of you.
If you're looking for a guitar teacher then look no further, you won't find any better than him. FACT.

Jake Kent

I have been learning the Guitar for less than a year and I feel Mike has taught me so much in a short space of time. As well as learning songs that I enjoy he has taught me various techniques and skills that have given me the ability to go and learn other songs on my own. He’s polite, friendly and very professional. Super easy to talk to and he soon learns what makes you tick when it comes to music. Can not recommend him enough. Top bloke.

Steve Arghyrou

Watching my son’s love for music grow and flourish over the last 4 years has been amazing. Age 8, my son desperately wanted to learn the guitar.
Sadly, I was told by his music teacher then, that he couldn’t teach him ( I have a very chatty son) After a quick search online we found Mike. During the first lesson with Mike, he’d taken the time to understand my son and figure out the type of music that interested him. Age 12, my son has smashed grade 1 and is now preparing for grade 2 and rocking every moment of it

Rachael Hallows

I've never had any ambition other than to be someone who plays guitar for enjoyment at home. But as someone who tried to teach myself as a teenager and failed the urge to finally learn, almost 30 years later, prompted a google search which led to Mike who fortunately lived pretty nearby. A quick email and mention of the bands I listen to and a lesson was booked. I did feel that maybe my age would be a hurdle but Mike has taught me over the last few years and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone of any age wanting to learn.

We are fortunate, that someone who clearly sold their soul to the devil to play guitar at some stage, has the patience to teach. He’s always willing to offer advice on any guitar related issue, advice and pointing you in the right direction with playing or technique, give you a trick of the trade if you are struggling with something and pointing out where you are going wrong.

Regularly I think what he’s about to teach me is way above my standard. Yet Mike seems to know where you are in ability more than yourself and just how far to push you. Lessons are always enjoyable never a drag and I’ve always left feeling I’ve learnt something and improved. Which is what teaching should be about.

Damian Cobb

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